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Ride Fryeburg's Rail Trail

Rail trail lovers now have a place to ride in the valley—the Mountain Division Trail.

The black paved trail runs along the Portland and Ogdensburg Railway line in Fryeburg, Maine for about a mile and a half allowing for a 3-mile out and back spin.

The trail officially opened last fall and is now the perfect place for rolling families looking to pedal away from traffic.

Also attracting joggers, in-line skaters and walkers, the pathway is part of the in-progress trail that upon completion will go all the way to Portland, some 52 miles.

The trail is easy to find. It's located at the Maine Visitor Center by the Maine-New Hampshire border on U.S. Route 302 with its ample parking. Inside are brochures, maps, rest rooms and a water fountain.

The slim pathway runs from the center to Porter Road. Along the way are mountain and hill views, fencing and a small boggy brook where turtles tend to loll about on logs in the sun.

Rail trails tend to be flat and the Mountain Division Trail is mostly that. There is a slight rise at the beginning.

There is also parking for a few vehicles by along Porter Road.

The trail crosses a back road. Experienced cyclists use the trail as well, making it part of rides in Fryeburg that include the fresh pavement on nearby Haleytown Road.

The non-profit Mountain Division Trail Alliance works with the state to raise funds for the project which once completed would pierce through nine towns.

As the summer progresses, expect to see some construction at the tail end of the trail by Porter Road. Plans are to construct another 2.5 miles of the trail to Airport Road and build a small parking area there too. If all goes well, it'll be a new place to pedal in the fall.

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